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How can I change color of the instance? 2020年11月11日13:39

How can I change color of the instance? Please

unreal_material_parameter_ and unreal_material_instance 2020年11月11日10:04

can you do?
I have points and I give them these point attributes in Houdini

s@untreal_instance = “copy_ref from Unreal”;
s@unreal_material = “copy_ref from Unreal”;
v@unreal_material_parameters_mycolor = @Cd;

so what I am trying to do is to instance geo that is loaded in Unreal, I give it material that is created in unreal and then I want to change a parameter on that material so it will change colour according to @Cd in Houdini. Is it possible or what Am I doing wrong. Thanks for your help. Really tried to crack it by my self but got really stack now. Btw yes the point light and it's parameters work well for me as well.

unreal_material_parameter_ and unreal_material_instance 2020年11月11日5:08

How do I make this work? I tried to instance the point light and change its properties with the UPROPERTY and it worked well. For some reason, unreal_material_parameter_ is not working for me. It does not work for in-build parameters or custom created in Unreal. Also to set material on my instances works only with unreal_material goes error if I add _instance. Any chance somebody can explain to me . Thank you guys.