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Welcome and Rules 2023年2月28日11:04

Hello Rob, I won day 12 in 2021 and waited thinking I would be contacted in some way, it's been a while but is there any chance I can get the lovely t-shirt?

XPU tests (with sample scene) 2021年11月5日14:40

You are using "biased" as if it meant something for you, have you done research on what is actually biased or you are just spouting it? I use both Houdini and Blender, and it's much better than using any of them alone.

XPU tests (with sample scene) 2021年11月5日4:33

3900X / 56gb 3266mhz / RTX3060(12GB) / W10 19043.1288

Pyro Scene:

XPU: 0:22
CPU: 10:20

Rhino Scene:

XPU: 3:04
CPU: Too long, Elapsed: 31:00 - Remaining: 37:58

Below a comparison between Karma XPU, Cycles-X(1024samples), which took only 18.6 sec, and Cycles-X(200samples) with similar noise to XPU, at 6.23 sec, yes. All in ACES, same hdri, materials, rhino was using glass shader instead of principled transmission that looked very dark, no time difference.

So in this test, XPU was an order of magnitude faster than CPU, and Cycles-X another order of magnitude faster than XPU .
XPU is in alpha, and Cycles-X is a biased version of Cycles, therefore much less precise than Karma, I don't see the point of comparing Houdini to Blender, Houdini is way more powerful than blender, which is why I switched to Houdini, I got tired of hitting a wall with blender all the time, Houdini might not be free, but with it I am free of the limitations of blender!

I smell a bit of salt? Cycles-x just barely go out of alpha, and the biased argument is just funny, but hey if you are happy thinking that...