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Karma XPU, Matt Shadow catcher 2023年11月18日14:57

I am struggling to setup the shadow catcher with XPU, background plate doesn't work with it, any directions would be appreciated it.

Houdini 20 will be unveiled (not released) on October 26 2023年10月27日8:31

You should really calm down man, because a lot of what you said is not true.

I'm a Blender AND Houdini user and I know what I love and hate about both. I actually believe that the two are a good fit for each other because Houdini doesn't have sculpting, 2D animation (grease pencil), 3D tracking, video editing (if needed) and can be tedious to do destructive modeling in it. Blender, on the other hand, sucks major times in quite anything related to physics, handling of large scenes etc.

So instead of taking it too personally, embrace what can be done with it - in the end it's just an egoistic thing, we use these tools for our own needs.
This is my opinion based on my experience with Blender and the BI, you may not agree with it, but it doesn't mean that I am wrong!

Not sure if you live in 2013 but blender is rocking right now, so you are completely wrong, the best one can do is use both to their fullest and balance their weaknesses.

Houdini 20 will be unveiled (not released) on October 26 2023年10月26日12:29

For me it's not so much that the UI isn't useful and well sectioned but that overall feels slower and tedious compared to Blender, not to mention it breaks constantly (specially on linux). And there are lot's of other interactions to improve, overall it seems you are closer and in direct relation to the scene in Blender, the right click to select + g/r/s + mouse movement it's quite a bit faster than, S + click + T + Middle mouse + movement.

You can see it in the comparison, Houdini greys out the scene, is full of glitches and laggy, while blender resizes the scene window, it's clear all the way and silky smooth. 5120x2160p so it's quite a stress test.