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Houdini Ocean and 3rd Party Render Engines 2024年4月29日20:19

100% bump on this, I can't get ocean sample layers to work in Karma at all and it really should work so we can build our own ocean shaders using displacement.

Using a primvar string to give a texture path 2023年11月30日15:20

Bumping this topic to see if this has been updated in Houdini 20.0? It works in CPU but not XPU, is XPU planned?

Animated image sequence in a gobo? 2023年10月11日17:01

I figured it out, it was quite simple in the end. If anyone finds this thread later on, there is a tick box on the Light Filter Library LOP called "Allow Light Filter Parameter Animation" and any animated parameters will be turned into time samples in USD.