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Attempt to read from actively streamed attribute P? 2023年1月29日9:16

I opened an old Houdini file with a crowd simulation. It used to work fine, but now I get an error message inside my PopWrangle. Houdini no longer lets me set values using VEX on an agent?

Here's the code that generates the error.
string handle_path = "op:/obj/crowd_sim:crowdobject/Geometry";                      // Path to our database of attributes.
vector goal_location = point(handle_path,"P",i@relay_id);                           // Fetch the point location of the goal.
float relay_distance = length(goal_location - @P);                                  // Get distance between my location and the relay location.
setpointattrib(geoself(), "relay_point_distance", i@id, relay_distance, "set");     // Assign this location to an attribute on myself. 

The problem seems to be referencing @P inside a wrangle. How else am I suppose to calculate the distance between a goal and the current Agent being evaluated? If I substitute @P with a local constant vector, the error goes away.

I have tried altering the PopWrangle Inputs to reference Myself, but that didn't help.

Cannot set file path by python property script 2023年1月28日8:39

Show us what the filenames look like. Does your file contain four zero padded digits?

Object movement path not disappearing 2023年1月25日13:13

You may want to visit the Support menu above and review System Requirements.
That looks like hardware not to spec error to me.