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Can't assign some parameter to volumeresize SOP Verb in python 2019年8月16日22:21

Not in Front of houdini, but maybe two ideas :

- are you working on a volume or on a vdb?
- did you try setting the same tilecount on a SOP rather than calling the Verb from Python? With the exact same values. Does that work ?
Hi, fuat:
Thanks for your reply, I'm working on a volume(actually a HeightField), It works well from SOP node, but no luck with Python verb I've attached a simple test file if you want to have a look.
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Can't assign some parameter to volumeresize SOP Verb in python 2019年8月16日3:11

>>> volumeResizeVerb
<hou.SopVerb volumeresize>
>>> volumeResizeVerb.parms()["tilecount"]
<hou.Vector3 [5.84866e-315, 1.21908e-315, 2.06823e-314]>
>>> volumeResizeVerb.setParms({"tilecount":hou.Vector3(2,2,2)})
>>> volumeResizeVerb.parms()["tilecount"]
<hou.Vector3 [5.84866e-315, 1.21908e-315, 2.06823e-314]>
>>> volumeResizeVerb.parms()["voxelpad"]
<hou.Vector3 [6, 6, 6]>
>>> volumeResizeVerb.setParms({"voxelpad":hou.Vector3(12,12,12)})
>>> volumeResizeVerb.parms()["voxelpad"]
<hou.Vector3 [12, 12, 12]>

This is the result from Houdini Python shell, as you can see, the tilecount parameter is not assigned properly, while the voxelpad is assigned properly. is it a bug?

Python partitioner bug when save to Digital Asset 2019年8月12日3:58

Every time press the button “Save to Digital Asset”, the error pops up, and the saved hda is unusable. The problem has existed since long ago to recent daily build.