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License server environment variable 2020年10月28日6:18

Bump a bunch of years later. Is there really no easy way of switching license server before launch? We have different license servers for farm jobs and artists working and it's hard to make it switch correctly

Mix Houdini in Linux and Windows 8 with DFS 2013年12月12日8:50

Everything works fine now, but slashes are different in linux and windows.

In windows we cant use windows uncpaths in houdini, and in linux we cant use windows uncpaths. If we copy paste a link from explorer it wont work because of the slashes doesnt match.

Not impressed with linux/windows compability

So anyone managed to solve this issue? []

Make sure to use forward slashes in both windows and linux.
It should work then.

$BLA = //server/some/path

$BLA = /some/other/path

in houdini:

FLIP farm distribution broken? 2013年7月5日18:15

Ram is not the issue but the speed of iterations.

I have 64 gb ram on my machine, scene for RnD testing uses like 24 GB, but If I can slice it up I can push it a lot further.

I have one specific shot with a ship sailing in water with a single cam for 1200 frames, so i figured It might helped quiet a lot to divide the tank in slices.

Also I feel like i need to mentioned I only moved to houdini like 4 months ago from Maya, so I am no Houdini wiz.

The thing as Solitude said is that slicing it will probably not make it that much faster as there will be so much overhead having to be sent between the machines to get a correct simulation and network speed is so terribly much slower than ram speed.