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My name is Erwin Heyms and I have been a professional Technical Artist in the video games industry since 2013. I have worked on various triple-A titles such as Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint and over the course of my career, I’ve developed a large range of Houdini related skills and insights ...  more


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WIP - Poly Slice [Houdini Utility] 2022年10月19日11:39

How can this plugin support Houdini 18.5 Version?

The original builds of the Poly Slice may work for H18.5 ... Though I'm not sure if version 1.0 through 1.3 were tested on that.

But the current official version, released with LABS with 19.5 should only be used on that version and above.
Perhaps Houdini 19.0 may work, but I did notice it does not work properly on Houdini 18.0 or 18.5 due to vex script changes missing in older versions of Houdini.

WIP - Poly Slice [Houdini Utility] 2022年2月11日17:50

Now releasing the V1.3 PolySlice



See the attached file :

New Poly Split v1.3 features:

I noticed there was a big demand to cut complex cuts into larger and denser surfaces.
But the original PolySplit method was not always suitable for this due to its slower processing speed.
So I integrated a new cutting method using the Boolean Shatter,
So the tool now has two output methods for Surface to Surface Cutting, the PolySplit and the Boolean Shatter Cutting Methods.

- The PolySplit Method:

Is very versatile and can cut with polylines or surfaces.
It also supports snapping to make cutting surfaces easier with input curves that are provided procedurally to the Utility.
While it's slower, and not well suited to cut larger geometries, it excels at making very precise cuts for precision tasks.
And thanks to its polyline cutting feature, it can handle surface cuts that no other SOP in Houdini can handle.

- The Boolean Shatter Method:

This new method is much faster, very accurate and can cut shapes and edges into surfaces without touching the edge of the shape.
It automatically runs a cleaning pass on the boolean to ensure clean cuts, and supports the same features as the Polysplit method, like masked cutting.
While it, does not support snapping like the PolySplit method, it works great to cut large dense polygon meshes with surfaces.

- Auto Precision Limiter:

When dealing with very small or large geometry, some of Houdini's nodes become unstable.
The Auto Precision Limiter feature analyzes the input geometry provided to set some sensible limits on the tool.

Congratulations to the Winners! 2021年11月2日8:06

Thank you for Third Place

I'm glad that the tool was recognized for its potential.
And I hope it, or a version of it, can find its way into the Labs Toolset or Houdini.

Under a different name perhaps alongside the H19 Polyslice that was just added .

I've got a few adjustments that I have to finish up for v1.3

And ofcourse, congratulations to the other winners