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Can we get native Mac trackpad support ? 2019年5月18日0:51

I haven't found any 3d apps to work that well with only the trackpad on a laptop.

It's a matter of design choice, not necessity. Most apps that don't support trackpad are like that simply because the devs don't use one. But if enough users request it, there's nothing keeping the feature from being implemented.

Unity3D works “out of the box” with trackpad support (maybe because it used to be a Mac exclusive in its early years?). Blender 3D and Godot also support it with some tweaking in the settings.

Exporting options for Indie users 2019年1月28日17:12

Answering my own question, now that I renewed my Indie license: Yes, Indie exports FBX and GLTF without issues!

Exporting options for Indie users 2019年1月1日11:42

That page is not up to date (doesn't include gltf, for instance). The error message in Apprentice seems to imply that FBX and GLTF require Houdini Core, so I was confused by that too. I want to upgrade, but want clarification on that first.