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Making all points in all primitives coplanar 2019年7月4日21:37

Maybe, but the goal is generating very low resolution meshes (think 1980's vector display graphics), and at that resolution it seems like some hand editing will be unavoidable. I was just hoping for a hidden Houdini trick that would allow a 100% procedural workflow. Also, I'm lazy.

Thanks for the help!

Making all points in all primitives coplanar 2019年7月4日15:56

Thanks, that was very clear and concise!

The reason I'm getting so many non coplanar prims seems to be because I'm converting voxels to polygons, Im not sure if there's a way to enforce coplanar polys when doing that.

It looks like manually selecting and fixing offending prims with method “D” will be the way to go.

Making all points in all primitives coplanar 2019年6月27日0:30

Sure thing! Here's a .bgeo file with a super low poly mesh, just bring it in with a file node.

Notice how many of the quad primitives don't have coplanar points. The final model will be used in some “1980's vector arcade” looking graphics, but when the game engine triangulates those non coplanar faces I end up getting some annoying artifacts.