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Chat GPT and Houdini 2023年1月15日7:23

VFX artist are first-rate beneficiaries of using semi-intellectual systems like ChatGPT, because the definitions of things we're doing are very blurry or imaginative and probability of any harm that could be done by cooperation of VFX artist and AI is very low. I don't know, why people tend to start using ChatGPT from programming, it looks like they are asking for some miracle rather than for actual help. As Tomas said, it's more like talking to a knowledgeable person, that's probably read a lot but after some time you spend with it, you'll understand that it isn't true specialist of any technical specialties rather than ultimate pretender. The best part of it is variety of themes you can talk about with AI, but not a depth or richness of those dialogues. For about two months it became parts of my daily routing, from what to cook if I have limited variety of ingredients or ideas for new year's party, to how to approximately calculate sequential physical behavior of animated object in my scene and other questions regarding camera lenses, color and music theory. The simple things you'll probably ask from a stranger/friend/parent/assistant/google but now in any moment and without any limitations. I think it would end up in futuristic fashion anyway (as merging of biological and ai brains my guess). Why not stop to worry and start to use it today for beneficial of your personal life and your loved ones, as all other things you do. Then of cause, with the advent of these tools, we naturally bear a responsibility to the global community to ensure their responsible use. We must not remain silent if we witness technology being used to harm others. As SWest pointed out, history has a tendency to repeat itself in the form of conflicts, especially when some have access to more resources for training machines than others. However, despite this, the benefits of technology are undeniable. In my preferences that this community actively shares and promotes innovative ways of utilizing AI for VFX production, simulating a realistic/imaginary worlds and tasks beyond that, and also assists others in understanding and implementing these approaches to not produce any conflicts mentioned above.

KineFX Ball: Animation Rig and Geometry 2023年1月9日16:57

I made the rig for practice in animation and as example for how to make a squash and stretch constraint using KineFX.

It consists of 3 nodes:
1. KineFX Ball Geometry (optional) node contains set of 6 pre-cached geometry presets for different types of balls: Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Toy.
You can replace this node with any geometry that should be placed on the ground and be 1 unit in height.
Or don't use anything at all because next node contains a simple test sphere inside.

2. KineFX Ball Rig contains skeleton rig for a ball, controllers and shape library for them. You can change appearance of those shapes by diving inside the node and adjust Attach controls node's parameters.
3. KineFX Ball Animation gives you access to Rig Pose state for animating in viewport and set of parameters for precise control. The node also contains logic for calculating squash and stretch deformations of rig and Joint Deform to output final deformed(animated) geometry.

How to install:
1. Download the HDA files:
from attachments below.
2. Install them either through Houdini: File - Import - Houdini Digital Asset or copy them to the Houdini preferences folder (Documents/Houdini 19.5 on windows) - otls.
3. In SOP context in Houdini press TAB and type: KineFX Ball

How to animate a ball?
- The rig made and inspired to be used along with the tutorials for Maya:
FREE Ball Animation Rig for Maya []
Simple Ball Bounce Animation Tutorial []
Ball Bouncing Along Animation Tutorial in Maya - PART 2 []
But how to do the same in Houdini?
If you don't familiar with Houdini's animation editor watch the series:
Houdini Animation Editor 101 - Part I []
Houdini Animation Editor 101 - Part II []
How do I reset the animation?
In KineFX Ball Animation node right click on any parameter or parameters tab (Ball Animation tab for example) - Delete Channels, Revert to default.


ZBrush to Houdini Live (v1 Beta) 2022年11月26日8:01

Looks great, keep it up