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How can i get the Scale from Curve point? 2021年10月11日5:17

Hi there,

Houdini Unreal manual say that P, Rot and Scale are inside the curve points (unreal) and can be used inside houdini but on my test im not getting any scale attribute from the curve. In debug scene the curve only contain the P.

Is there any special setup to get the curve point scales?


Problem with Pivot Painter AXIS 2021年6月25日3:12

Ok, to preserve the Axis is better to change the shaders inside Unreal than messing up with Houdini Coord.

Now is working properly;
X Unreal = Cross (Y Unreal , X Houdini)
Y Unreal = Cross (X Unreal , X Houdini)
Z Unreal = X Houdini

Now the animation pivot inside Houdini look the same inside Unreal, even if i rotate the mesh/pivot inside Houdini.

Problem with Pivot Painter AXIS 2021年6月24日20:54

still trying to fix this....