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It it possible to run two Documents/Houdini 16.5 on windows. 2018年7月31日15:49


I want to run two 16.5 setups on my one pc. So I would have two Houdini documents folder which houses the ENV and presets etc..
Is it possible to direct a selected Houdini.exe to a particular folder so I can experiment with different setups…


Redshift -can I tell houdini to stop renders at 5% 2017年5月30日18:14

Just drop your Unified Samples to the floor then. Try Min 3 and Max 9. Leave Brute for GI Rays at 1 or 3, or turn off GI all together. If you have a simple scene and a card with a lot of vRam you can allocate more ram to rays and get a speedup from that too. You can turn on overrides and set them to low values to “under ride” scene sample settings. You can connect image maps or raw color directly to the surface output, bypassing the material all together, for blazingly fast composite style renders. There are a lot of ways to optimize Redshift, it just depends upon your scene and your materials.

You can always create a second Redshift ROP and customize it for speed to render tests quickly then have an alternate Redshift ROP with better settings for final render.

Thank you. Great suggestions….

Redshift -can I tell houdini to stop renders at 5% 2017年5月28日16:31

5% of what value?
If Progressive Rendering is off it will complete as quickly as possible.

What I mean is 5% of the full frame render. So in the case of testing an animation, houdini could render only 5% of each 240 frames… The point is to get a quicker overview of how the animation works (light placements,object visibility, colour etc…) rather than wait for decent quality renders. An animation render of 60 minutes could be reduced 20 times to 3 minuteS. Not an unreasonable question…