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Texture/Mask/Displacement Painting HDA, WIP 2022年8月30日12:42

superb work here. love it

Launcher does not work 2020年10月21日8:58

Hey how,

I have problems to use the houdini launcher. I had the problems also before the new release. After updating to the new launcher, the houdini launcher will stay in the process like on the attached screenshot. “Waiting for 0 other actions…” also i am not able to get rid of the “needs repair” thing. Can anybody help me out with this issue?`


ACES/OCIO 2020年9月6日5:47

If you're in a situation where the art director says “this thing has to be exactly this shade of magenta!” then you're in for a treat. There's two approaches: the simple hacky way is to fix it in post. Handle your whole color workflow using ACES like you normally would, and then at the end of your comp after you've used OCIO to transform everything into your delivery colorspace (probably sRGB), apply your brand colors / color corrections.

The second approach would be to apply the inverse of your usual color transform to the target color. It's a bit like how you'd apply an inverse gamma curve to an sRGB texture (1/2.2 = 0.4545) in order to linearize a texture for normal rendering. The exact operation here depends on what your input and output spaces are, but generally what you want to do is take your source swatch or texture and convert it FROM your output space (Output - sRGB probably) TO your working space (ACES - ACEScg). This will ensure that what you see is what you get. It does come with the possibility of giving you some very weird color values, though, and this could affect your lighting solution (especially if you're trying to match a very bright color).

Thanks for this super helpful information. I am going to try the second approach. Lets see how this will work out for me. I also read your guide in this context. awesome