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IRON HEART WINNERS 2021年3月31日19:08

Big effort, since I didn't have as much experience, in case of many tools was using them the absolute first time. Some prompts were very tricky and had to go creative at tackling them (especially on my lazy days).

But hey, I'm fairly happy with the stuff I ultimately came up with and looking back on the stuff I've beeen seeing from others posting, gotta say now these entries feel rather more encouraging to beef up on this amazing toolset that Houdini is (rather than discouraging, as many entries were just simply so good : )

Rendered with Renderman.. oh wait, do I have to say this here as well?

Day 31 Image | Elements | Fire 2021年3月31日2:13

Tommy's been a great model

Rendered with Renderman

Day 30 Image | Elements | Water 2021年3月30日9:59

Rendered with Renderman