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How to recreate OBJ lights and cameras in LOPs 2024年7月15日8:13

I'm not talking about importing existing OBJ lights or cameras to use in LOPs, I'm talking about taking a scene made initially in OBJ and transfer its lights and cameras to LOPs as native solaris lights and cameras.

Is that possible in an easy way?

Fractal hair clumping changing on each frame 2024年2月26日23:18

Same problem here with hairs jumping between clumps on animated guides...

Polyextrude does not preserve point groups 2023年12月26日4:46

This is not a bug, groups are not cloned onto extruded parts. Use a point attribute for extrusions to inherit.

Well, then is needed to rewrite the help pop up of the Preserve Groups option. It says face and edge groups are preserved but only primitive groups are preserved.