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ZBRUSH - new install tip, finding houdini in GOZ 2021年3月28日16:08


Quick tip for anyone else who installs zbrush and wants to use GOZ but finds Houdini is not listed. (houdini 18.5 and zbrush 2021)
Step 1 : Open both apps.
Step 2 : In houdini : Place any geometry node down, connect it to a gozexport node and then select the goz node and export to zbrush.
Step 3 : Zbrush will crash out. (Yup kaboom)
Step 4: Open zbrush again
Step 5: Go into lightbox
Step 6: Select goz, houdini should now be listed, select it and then navigate to the correct path for houdini.exe.

Should now be good to model back and forth ^_^

There's probably a better more elegant way, but following the example sidefx tutorial did not work for me, perhaps because my houdini is in a different drive than the default, not sure, but this worked for me, figured someone else might have the same issue.