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How To Delete One UV Attribute? [SOLVED] 2021年1月14日23:21

Oh that's handy! I didn't realise the uv split seams sop had the promote to point attribute right there to use.

So I see this does separate the geometry at the uv border edges. How would you go about achieving this result without separating the geometry?

I tried a fuse after uv split seams, but it seems to revert back to it's un-split state again.

How To Delete One UV Attribute? [SOLVED] 2021年1月14日19:29

Hi Tamte, yes I was exporting from Houdini as an Alembic to bring into Maya.

I'm just testing this again now and you're correct, maya is reading the uv vertex attribute. I don't know what was going wrong for me before.

Although I no longer need to export the geo with a uv point attribute, I have also found a solution to the uvs being messed up when attribute promoting the vertex uvs to a point attribute - The problem was the vertices were still attached, so when promoting to point, they would cross over each other. The fix was to use a 'uv split seams' sop before the attribute promote.

Material Containers To Help Organise Mat Context [SOLVED] 2021年1月14日15:19

Hi thanks Tanto, I learnt something today! I never realised you could create your own material networks!
I thought all materials should be created in the Mat context. I guess I could now have a Geo container called 'materials' with multiple material networks inside there.