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Killed my UE4 Plugin 2020年10月23日16:21

OK - It was my mistake, I assumed that when I change folder name it wouldn't fine old plugin but it did, when I removed it the new version kicked in.

Killed my UE4 Plugin 2020年10月23日16:07

I've copied from engine folder: Side Effects Software\Houdini 18.5.351\engine\unreal\4.25-v2

Killed my UE4 Plugin 2020年10月23日15:50

Hello, I've got similar problem but unfortunately in my case copying plugin didn't help.
For some reason Unreal keep asking for previous version.
Also when I try to reinitialize HE I've got this error:
LogHoudiniEngine: Starting up the Houdini Engine API module failed: build and running versions do not match.
LogHoudiniEngine: Defined version: 3.3.api:5 vs Running version: 3.5.api:0