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Best Practice For Rig Improvements To Imported FBX Character 2023年6月8日1:58

Best method for me was to use the rest skeleton for the anim skeleton as well. If you add any new bones they should be in the rest skeleton anyways.

I came up with a very clever way of using multiparms and a for loop block to split and pack all rigid geometry.

For the last question I no longer care about the unreal base pose as its just way easier to use the rest pose.

Mesh Import Into Unreal Misplaces Geo From The Mesh Export 2023年6月8日1:55

Solved this by making a new geometry so to export my geo from. Probably a memory bug in houdini.

Animating With 2 Separate Rigs In KineFX? 2023年6月7日19:09

I'm currently trying to build a way to attach a second rig to my character rig so that I can animate both the attachment and the character at the same time. I tried to pass in the second rigs skeleton to my main rigs hda so that I could run a Rig Attribute Vop to parent constrain the root bone of my attachment rig to the character rig but it makes the character rig blow up.

I also tried another idea which was to import the mesh and rig of the attachment into the character rig and merge the mesh and bones of the attachment rig to the character rig. This also broke the deformation of the character rig.

Is there any way to do this currently?