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Problem with the GameDev Motion Vectors 2020年5月26日9:54

Quick Update :

I didn't find an answer for the buged node (for me).

So I created my own setup to make the Motion Vector and everything works. So I was able to fit all the smoke frames in the same map and they're not full of color. I think it was filled with color because there was information in every channel of the RGB. I couldn't find any documentation about it.

I am able to integrate my maps on UE4 without crashing now.

If the problem happens to several people, Mike Lyndon can update the Motion Vector node and make a new video or some documentation about that. That would be appreciated.

Problem with the GameDev Motion Vectors 2020年5月20日10:30

I saw the tutorial of Mike Lyndon from 2017 about how to export pyro from the GameDev Montion Vectors.

- I'm having a bit of a problem with my output picture.
I can't import it because it makes an error in UE4 telling me I can't import it or it crashes my UE4 project.

- How to get all the frames of the pyro simulation on the same map ?
At the moment, all the frames are separated and doesn't look like the Motion Vector Map.

- The colors of my beauty are weird.
It is full of colour instead of the original colour.

I tried to make a Map of my Output Picture with the Slate Editor software and I realized that the whole .exr sequence is not the same proportion. I link in the topic the sequence and the Motion vector map.

I use Houdini 17.5 for some reason and UE4 4.25.0.

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