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Need Help with Precise Vellum Cloth Simulation for a Falling 2023年7月27日19:12

Sim in reverse?

Possible to Transform & Offset (not retime) Ocean Spectrum? 2022年11月16日20:06

This one has me stumped -  is it possible to move and offset (not retime!) Spectrums and corresponding Foam caches post sim?

I'm rendering an Ocean in Karma but need to transform and offset it at render time.

For previews I am timeshifting and transforming the Ocean Preview Grid with applied Spectrum, moving it around in camera to art direct where a wave is along with its Whitewater foam cache etc.  Works great, can easily take a long cache, offset it, move the whole ocean closer or farther from cam as per supervisors needs without having to resim etc.

Realized at render time, simply doing the same to the Spectrum wont work.  Thought to offset the Time in Spectrums but that of course just made totally new patterns in the waves.  And cant move it with a Transform really can you?   I am worried the only way is to bake the geo then move and offset? 

To be clear, I dont want to retime, or change the look or speed of the sim at all.  I simply want to take the cached foam and its corresponding ocean (which works when the spectrum is baked to geo and then moved), and move it in space, and offset its cache a few 100 frames so Karma renders it correctly.  


How to instanciate vellum grains with different geometries 2022年11月3日13:43

Keen to piggyback on this post!

I'm facing a similar challenge. I'm trying to achieve an object raising up through a bucket of randomly shaped pieces, think a ball lifting up through a basket of lego. I've setup a grain sim (both using vellum grains and pop grains to compare) and have managed to copy to points and replace the geo with my various geometries however the collision boundaries for the solver are still calculated using the original particle sphere when using the copy to points method.

Is there a way to plugin the geo before the solver so that the collisions are calculated using the shape of the new geometry? Otherwise the objects are always clashing or always have gaps.

Perhaps this is a scenario better setup with an RBD solver?

thinking pscale before making them grains should work? or maybe https://youtu.be/iCxkGeiXtfc [youtu.be]