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Sharing assets between Houdini Versions 2019年7月11日19:56

Is the indie version non commercial? I think I'm mistaken in thinking it was limited commercial.

Sharing assets between Houdini Versions 2019年7月11日2:28

I'm using the indie version and recently encountered an issue where a colleague who uses the FX version tried sharing some of our work done.

I sent him a save file I made in Indie but when he tries to open it it says this (see image)

I can open his files but he gets this this message when he tries to open mine. We work remotely and just started to get to grips with the process of sharing work.

PDG For Unity Help Curve Path and terrain deformation 2019年7月11日2:25

Again thanks for the response I had to step away from Houdini and tackle the issue fresh.

Both Unity and Houdini are latest versions updated from the official sites.

Yeah the cooked items I'm aware of. I always manually clean them out of the folder before cooking in Unity or use a different folder.
I did all the checks in your list to no avail so in the end I just copied the tutorial files and incorporated them into mine and it creates the path now albeit with some minor flaws. I probably mis typed a path or plugged in a node the wrong way.

Thanks for help again appreciated.