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Solaris RBD production workflow 2024年5月24日6:22

Here's my attempt at using rbd procedural.

It works much better. I load bgeo pts cache directly in tool, it takes 5-10s to load.
Forgive me for bad rbd sim: []

Previously we done this with skeleton rbd bindings from Luca Scheller. []

At some point I'll try this new rbd procedural on bigger scale. But for now it seems it doesn't have any problems with number of rbd pieces.

hey @Htogrom! I've been working on a destruction shot and I have a lot of sims with thousands of points. I'm fairly new to solaris and karma. I know this might be too much to ask but if possible, can you please send me a hip file or something like that explaining how to setup and render heavy rbd sims in solaris?

Here it is:

Karma - Unexplained increases in memory usage 2024年5月17日5:24

Here's Houdini 19, without and with subdivision. Just to check it is working:

Karma - Unexplained increases in memory usage 2024年5月17日5:04

Here's comparison. Same scene in H19 and H20. One terrain mesh has subdivision turned on.

H20 eventually crashed.