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Day 1 | Geometry | Spiral | Image 2024年3月6日15:04

Hey guys! Trying to use only my old macbook and apprentice. COMPs nodes are always pain lol.

Houdini Niagara Updates 2023年12月13日4:22

I can' render out VAT ROP. Even from example files.
Checked both 20.0 and 19.5

Idk if you have the same problem.

LABS also deprecated Labs Flipbook Textures. So there is no way to properly use niagara + houdini.
Only with Niagara ROP but you have huge file with no collision and no optimization.

Quite sad about that.

Houdini 20 will be unveiled (not released) on October 26 2023年10月26日3:35

SO anyone have been in Soho yesterday on key-note. Or it is just theoretical thread with just guesses?