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Stopping rotation animation gradually 2016年1月4日8:34

Hi guys

I have rotation animation in transform SOP using expression $F.

How do I stop it gradually?

OBJ not loading 2016年1月4日7:42


you can press mouse middle button on file node and if there are any points, primitives etc. or you can pres space + g on your keyboard when cursor is in scene view and if there is any geometry, it will be framed in view. Maybe geometry is too large or too small to see iv view.

random in Foreach 2015年12月25日10:46

DASD [] - watch this.

In the old foreach SOP the expression was soemthign like: stamp(“..”,“FORVALUE”,0).

In the new foreach you will need a wired metadata node and you get the iteration number with detail(“../metanode”,“iteration”,0)
That helped

Thanks a lot