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HDA// Type Properties// Node Handles 2023年7月15日19:00

Hey folks,

so I ran into a little challenge. I want to build a tool that uses a simple box inside a subnet and generates some geo on the faces of that box.

To conveniently change the size of the box you have usually these handles where you simply drag the size of your box to your needs, but when I wrap that all into a subnet I lose that little red pyramid handles. There is the option in the type properties menu under "Node" to specify the guide geo, but it shows just the outline and not the handles.

So what I basically want is to have the "node selection" on the box inside of the subnet to give me the handles and the "display flag" on the output to give me the result. Is there an option to get that without python? However I am aware of the option to just take the box outside the subnet, but I was wondering if there is a better solution to that, since the box will remain always a box.

Thanks a lot

SCRIPTING: Scripting text size won't change permanently 2023年2月2日7:15

Sorry for the dumb question, but when I am changing the scripting text (zoom) size, it will always change it back to default. Is there any option to get that change permanently? Saving the current desktop doesn't help either.
Thanks a lot

Combinational sum in a given array 2023年1月25日11:49

Thanks everyone for their help. If anyone is interested, I was finally able to wrap something up in vex though. In case it's useful for you, this is how it works (it is not perfect at all, but seems to get the job done):
float target = chi("target");
int array[] = {177, 167, 157, 147, 137, 127, 117, 107, 97, 87, 77, 67, 57, 47, 37, 27, 17, 7, 4, 3, 2, 1};

foreach(int item; array)
        append(@combination, item);
        append(@combination, item);
        target = target-item;    
The code requires that the target could be covered up by the items in the array. In this case it begins with the biggest item (due to sorting), tries to fit that in and if it does, it adds it to the combination, updates the target and moves on until the last bit of the target is reached.