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Visualizing Mesh Thickness 2023年3月7日1:24


Does anyone know how I can visualize mesh thickness? For example I need to find areas in a model that are less than 2mm thick. Or at the very least find the thinnest areas of a model (without specifying a minimum threshold in mm)

I found this SOP called Calculate Thickness but after going through the documentation and trying to fiddle with the settings I can't get it to work quite how I wanted. For example it is only giving me a grayscale image instead of a full gradient and it doesn't seem to be identifying the thin areas of a mesh in the expected fashion. 

The image below shows what I hope to achieve.

Many thanks,

Reverse pscale attribute direction 2022年9月9日1:31

Isaac Katz
You could use the fit function to reverse the values.
Can you elaborate more on this? You mean using the fit function inside the attribrandomize in the 'middle value' where the scale is set?

I'm not a super expert or anything on this so an example would be super helpful, thanks in any case!

Just post your hip and I'll add to it with an example.
Here you go. Thanks!

Reverse pscale attribute direction 2022年9月8日1:11

Isaac Katz
Any idea how I reverse the direction the exponential falloff is happening?
exponential falloff is a random distribution
it is not supposed to be a nicely organized gradient as in your picture, how did you even make Attribute Randomize to produce an obvious gradual ramp ?

Id suggest using Attribute Adjust Float, set Pattern Type to Bounding Box, pick Axis Direction and play with the ramp
lol I'm honestly not sure it just sort of happened. The gradient is happening on attribrandomize P, Im then creating another attribrandomize for pscale which is the one that's reversed from what I want. So the scale has nothing to do with the distribution.

In any case your tip worked great, exactly what I was looking for and perfectly art directable. thanks!!