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Hqueue 0% progress 2015年12月25日16:00

Hi there!
Well i am testing the distributed simulations on H15 under Ubuntu 14 just for test, server and client are running in the same machine, and…..everything works fine, except the hqueue client stop at 0% and seems like is running but nothing happen, someone know what is happen?, here some screencaptures.

How to render over 1 billion particles 2015年12月15日17:33

it should be possible to render huge amount of particles but i think you will struggle with your ram.

have you seen this video?
https://vimeo.com/142517418 [vimeo.com]

with 64gm ram i don't know how many particles you can render with it…. can't help there sorry….

Are you working under Windows?

White water spray collision problem 2015年5月15日13:22

check your merge node into DOPS in your whitewater sim node, you have connected your collisions after your solver and probably the affector relationship is “Left input affect right inputs”.