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UE4 Crashes when using Heightfield Erode 2018年1月10日2:34


Having the most odd problem currently. If I create a digital asset of a terrain it imports and works fine in UE4. However if I include a heightfield erode node into my asset it causes the editor to crash after attempting to cook the asset. I have no idea why this happening. I have tried creating a fresh UE4 project and it still occurs. I have also uninstalled and loaded a clean copy of Houdini. Currently I have created an hda with just three nodes for testing purposes. Heightfield, Heightfield noise and then the erode. I have attached my log from UE4 as well. Sadly, I am not able to fully understand what is happening and would appreciate any help.

Which Type of Vertex Animation Export to use with tearing cloth? 2017年12月31日3:55


I am using Houdini Indie 16.5.323 and UE 4.18.2. I am trying to use the game shelf vertex animation exporter for a cloth simulation. In my simulation the cloth is torn. Currently I am using the soft setting for the export and having a lot of issues in UE4. I have been trying a few things, but I want to make sure I have a solid start. Is the soft setting the proper one to use? I know it is used for most cloth sims, but in mine you do have a hole being torn through the cloth, some of which does separate from the cloth during the simulation. Please give any advice you can so my debug efforts are not in vain.