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Assets not works properly after project restart 2017年5月22日3:39

Awesome! Thanks!

Assets not works properly after project restart 2017年4月14日15:32

Is it just me or it's a common issue:
Operator Path inputs has to be reassigned every time for every digital asset that are already placed on the map after reopening unreal engine project. If it's not done, after rebake or any other asset modification in UE, the digital asset thinks that it's operator path inputs have no data assigned to them.

Very simple example:
1. Create digital asset that scales object from operator path input by 10.
2. Import to UE.
3. Create a map.
4. Place a cube.
5. Place an asset onto the scene.
6. Assign cube to digital assets operator path input (world outliner input -> select cube)
7. See the result. Cube scaled by 10. All good!
8. Save the map and close Unreal Engine.
9. Reopen Unreal Engine, open saved map.
10. Click “Recook Asset”. Error here. Houdini icon mesh will be displayed instead of scaled cube. Which means that there is no cube assigned to operator path input. But it does!
11. It can be fixed by reassigning the cube to digital asset's operator path input and recooking again. But after another project launch it has to be done again and again and again.

How can it be fixed? Thanks!

Export mesh in FBX format with custom pivot position 2017年4月4日18:54

I'm trying to export mesh/multiple meshes in fbx format using filmboxfbx node. Everything works fine except pivot point position. I need to set pivot at custom location, but it always stays at 0.0.0. The only solution I've found is to put the mesh at 0.0.0 by itself, but that's not ok since I want to export multiple objects in one fbx file and I just don't want to stack 50 objects at one zero-position)
Any hints? Thanks!