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Blast node missing. 2021年12月24日19:08

Hi. I am a Houdini noob trying to learn from online tutorials. I am doing a tutorial for creating a rain shot for a film I am working on. The tutorial calls for a 'Blast' node but, no such node seems to exist. What is an appropriate substitute for the 'Blast' node?


.rat files. 2021年12月20日6:31

How do I edit .rat files? Are they a proprietary image file that can't be edited outside of Houdini? I have already confirmed that Photoshop can't touch them.


Nodes called for in beginner tuts do not exist in H19 2021年12月17日10:08

Well, I'll be damned, in the video, he spells 'patches' with a lowercase 'p' when it should have been an uppercase 'P'. That's what was throwing me for such a loop this whole time. Man, I wish there was a way to contact SideFX and let them know this. But, being an 'Indie' user, no tech support for me. What can I say? I'm still going to try though.

Thank you very much for fixing that for me. Wow, that was frustrating.