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Connecting a Flip Fluid to an Ocean Wave Surface? 2014年3月23日22:02

I'm assuming this is pretty common in production, but maybe not in this way.

Say I have a shipping dock with maybe a boat next to it or something. So you have the ocean out in the distance. Pretty simple, use an Ocean waves. However, how would you go about the up close, more detailed water with splashes and mist banging up against the dock?

I saw that in the ocean waves (Ocean_preview) node, that you can emit points from the grid or surface of the waves that hold velocity information. I was wondering if there is some way to take the velocity information from those points and connect it to a flip fluid to gain waves that connect to the ocean seamlessly?

If anyone has done something like this or knows a better way of going about this I am always open to suggestions.

Thank you for any help.


Learning about VDB networks 2013年11月1日13:04

I am

Thank you

Best Mid Range GPU for houdini 2013年8月27日23:42

I'd truly hate adding onto the grueling conversation of whats the best GPU for Houdini subject, but every subject I have found is mostly about the Quadro's. Which I can't afford. So I decided to look at the 7 series Nvidia cards given that it seems Nvidia has more support overall throughout 3D workflows.

Now, say the average person(me) has a budget under 700 dollars to maintain.
Would it be more logical to get the 780 or the 770 with 4gigs Vram?

when it comes to fluid and particle simulations, does overall speed or the amount of Vram come into play more?

After reading the Houdini system requirements it seems that having more Vram is much better than speed when it comes to OpenCL, but I wanted to get a more updated opinion as well.

Thank you.