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flip proportion problem 2023年2月6日14:45

i 'm agree with 90% of your posting

a little suggestion to you ”tamte“, for how i work, i always treat 1 houdini unit as 1 metre no matter what, i agree, it's hard to do a flip sim something like cap of wine water in the cap, it's not easy. but it's still feasible, you just need to know how to do it, find the setting to work in this small scale environment. once you find out how to do this small scale flip sim, next time when you get the same shot or similar shot, you can re-use the settings over and over again, that will save you time for a long run, without testing the setting every time if you going for the approach that scaling up the collision geo at different "times". for example, you might scale up for 5 times to make this shot easy to sim, but next time, you got different object, then you might need to scale up 10 times for that object. so each time you need to change your setting.

The way how i do it, find the correct setting once, and use it for long long time, just copy the setting , and sim it. as for today's CPU, 3-4 hours flip sim is nothing.

flip proportion problem 2023年2月5日10:45

To tamte

you got a submarine geo from layout, which is 120 m long, you need to make this submarine coming out from water, when you put into your flip sim, are you going to keep sim it as 120m long object? or you will Scale it up 8 times, into 960M long object and sim it.

你拿到一个潜艇的模型,从layout部门,120米长, 你是直接用这个120米的模型做动力学模拟呢?还是 会去吧模型 放大8倍去,变成960米去做你莫flip模拟,
请回答我这个问题 谢谢

please give me your answer

thanks you

flip proportion problem 2023年2月5日10:14

To zf3d, first of all, it's "Scale", and it's not " proportion" if you never travel outside the China, and if you don't know how to speak English, you will misunderstand yourself and others very easily. Learn English!
zf3d 你如果从来没有出国,走出过中国,没有在英文环境中生活,你的英文表达能力 会让对方产生误解, 你的英文水平直接让对方产生了误解,

To tamte, he is taking about "Scale" for example, you got a shot, there is a submarine coming from under the water in ocean, the asset Dep will give you the submarine geo as 1:1 scale to the real world scale, and going through layout Dep, then to the FX, in FX we Can NOT change the scale or the size of this submarine, and we have to sim the water use the real scale geo, you can't scale up or you can't scale down, this is basic, i'm sure in your company, you are doing this, FX artist is not allow to scale or change the size of geo coming from layout, there are some cases, but in most of time, we don't change the size of submarine, we will sim the submarine at 1:1 real scale in Houdini,not to mention, we will have many shots in a seq, i'm taking about this SCALE, you can't not change the size of geo to sim in FX. IF you need to, means, you are not good at Flip

To tamte, 一个镜头,一个潜艇上浮出水面,模型是来自资产部门的,和layout部门的,你是无法改变模型的大小的,你需要使用1:1的模型模拟你的海面 这个你是无法改变的

what Tamta is talking about is, in you flip sim, you can change the gravity or other setting, to make your sim looks better, but he didn't say, you can change the size of the object which you are stimulating
Tamta在他的帖子里面说的是, 朱峰社区 你给我听好了,人家说的是,你在你的流体动力学里面可以 改变参数 来获取不同的模拟结果,比如重力,让粒子下落的速度变快 或者修改改别的参数, Tamta并没有说 人工的 在特效部门内故意修改动力学模拟的模型尺寸!!!你搞错了!

you two are taking about two different things
你们两个人 在说完全两个不同的东西

Head of FX from XYZ FX