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Any houdini 19.5 rumors? 2022年7月15日12:49

All very cool....but that dashbot widget will be a game changer

What holds yourself/studio from adopting Houdini more? 2022年4月21日9:32

I think the question really should be "How is Houdini being used in a studio and who is using it". If you look at many of the Houdini related job postings, they always seem to ask for TD skills...computer science and math backgrounds. No offense but it seems like nerd first animator second. So if you have this great tool that a "genius" can wire up in the pipeline to do all the fancy stuff and have all the boring grunty animation work get done in Maya, there won't be a huge demand to expand the number of Houdini seats. And the people they hire to use Houdini will just feed the same beast.

Houdini needs better debug logging 2021年12月16日15:10

people were getting these crashes with that error when using space B when changing viewports with 17...