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a simple balloon generation 2021年3月30日12:38


I was trying to make a bunch of balloon like the movie UP

Here's my problem

1. How to generate random length for the balloons lines? Should I make a variant or fatch the point attribute based on the original line?

2. How to avoid the glue issue, keeping them far enough always makes lines too long

Bypass enable solver 2021年2月2日11:27

Here's the dop network during Applied Houdini Rigid III. In (SOP Solver), there is a simple VEX i@active=1; which helps sim to take over from animation.

I thought bypass (Enable Solver) should be equal to connect (SOP Solver) directly to (rigid Body Solver), but actually they turns out different result. The former leads to animated result while the later make packed object free fall at the very begining. It makes me so confused.

So, does bypass (Enable Solver) means nothing will be enabled, rather than simply ignore (Enable Solver)?

And, if my guess is right, which other nodes also have this kind of bypass issue?

Many thanks!

Elapsed Time Meaning 2021年1月18日0:08

Same from Rigid III, and thanks for the answer!