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Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年3月15日12:28

-Kill Mantra in favor of Karma.
-try to end redshift's hegemony in favor of materialx
-GPU Multithreading pyro solver.

Thank you! Finally someone who agrees that Mantra shall be dead!

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年2月8日14:33

As someone who does preview rendering in Mantra cuz i am too lazy all i can comment on your suggestion is "yikes"

You do realize that you would be able to do the same if Karma is the main renderer in Houdini ?

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年2月6日17:33

I wish to see more kinefx and ready to go IK and FK human rigs. More motion clean up tools including facial clean up plug and play nodes for Kinefx is highly required. Animator should not spend time to play with VOPs or Attributes. Why shall we leave Maya or Blender for character animation ? To learn vops ? (Challange your business ideas for a day)

Please kill Mantra!
Please kill Mantra!
Please kill Mantra!
Or pay those who would consider installing it for the pain you caused them. Srsly shoot that thing down!

This renderer should not exist in any dictionary! Invest in Karma and make it better if you are planning to charge extra for it!
Come up with real time Karma viewport that does not crush Houdini.

Ready clothes presets for vellum wont do anyone harm. This is the user friendly that users are looking for...leave the numbers dailing option for those who want to use it.

Welding points node could allow group options for the points pin and target similar to vellum stitch node instead of doing point by point welding through the whole geo!

Sculpt with brushes. Not to turn Houdini to Zbrush, but at least to add some touches.

Any updates from Sidefx comes under new solver or fast simulation means no updates and we did not do much!