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Redshift, Arnold, Mantra,Octane,Renderman 2018年2月7日21:48

Arnold is really good at explosions and smoke. You have to write your simulations to .VBD format, but from there Arnold does a great job of illuminating your explosions without any lighting hacks. The Blackbody data just works.

Arnold also has simple render settings and the ability to add more detail (Volume Displacement) on top of the VBD data.

16.5 Downloads not working.... 2017年11月7日23:11

Installed and works like a charm on Windows. Thanks for the early Christmas gift!

Arnold, Zdepth Pass, and COPS 2017年5月22日14:39

Hello everyone,

I'm John Draisey, a 3D generalist who has used Nuke for compositing the last few years. I recently started diving into Houdini's Compositing Ops and it looks like there's a way to do zdepth defocus on EXR files. But I'm having trouble using the Arnold Renderer Zdepth pass to get camera bokeh. The distance information when I activate the pixel inspecter is in the 30~60 Thousand range rather than the 0-1 range that I've seen in this tutorial: []

If I can do my AOV compositing in Houdini, that would be a big win in terms of workflow. Does anyone have any tips on dealing with the Arnold Zdepth pass in Houdini?

I attached a multi-layer EXR frame as an example. []

Thanks all!