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Best to put Scene Scale to Nanometers with Dops and cells? 2020年12月2日22:42

I know Houdini's scene scale default is 1 unit = 1 meter and that it can be changed to be whatever you want but you can run into problems with DOPS and maybe POPS. I am starting a project with cellular and molecular forms and wondering if I need to change the scale to be that small. I'm not concerned too much about scientific accuracy with regard to forces such as gravity, etc at that scale as it would likely be different and I wouldn't know what the accurate equivalent would be in any event. Maybe just change it to millimeters?

Houdini 18.5 Sneak Peak 2020年10月1日19:40

Looks utterly amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Study group for learning Vex? (and/or other Houdini topics?) 2020年8月10日18:29

I haven't been able to find any information if a study group or similar might be available for learning Vex. I'm thinking that working with a small group of beginners might be helpful in learning Vex - as well as other topics in Houdini. Despite its potential for helping the code-challenged to get peer support and encouragement - it doesn't seem to be a thing with learning Houdini or CGI in general that I've ever seen. I get that with many areas in Houdini you can probably teach yourself on your own - but something like Vex - being able to ask questions and solve problems with others who are on similar levels of skill could be quite valuable and help people with sticking with it. Anyone interested?