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Request to have CAD import surface in Houdini 2021年3月27日14:14

I'd like to add my voice to the need for Houdini to be able to import common CAD formats, especially .step and .3dm. Maybe in Houdini 11.0? That would be awesome.

Rigging with Houdini Tutorials covering Kinefx 2021年2月4日16:36

This tutorial seems quite good, especially for the basics and someone starting out

Best to put Scene Scale to Nanometers with Dops and cells? 2020年12月9日16:27

Thank you David that is helpful to think about.
I will try to find references and guess what might work in terms of visually representing it. Much of what I've seen of the motions of molecules or cellular structures are either too insanely fast for humans to process or it's clearly just invented to better tell the particular story. I will be heavily leaning toward the latter unless told otherwise by a client - right now I'm just making this for my own purposes so I have a lot more leeway and I will be modeling all the imagery myself or importing it from the pdb database - so they will all be consistently at the same scale. I'm tempted to just make the scene scale at 1µm (micrometer) but if that would make everything too weird for Houdini dynamics then maybe I'd just fake it with using a larger scale like 1 mm or 1 cm.