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Getting a Geometry File using a Python string 2018年5月22日8:03


Thank you Patrick, that worked perfectly!

Learned something new today, even more thanks for that!

Here's the final code snippet should anyone stumble upon this thread in the future.

#Input .obj name
name = 'SM_Floor_3x3_01_High'

#Path where the .obj is located
highStart = 'S:/Jona_Marklund/_P3/Sculpts/'
#Path where the .fbx is to be saved
lowStart = 'S:/Jona_Marklund/_P3/Low/'

highEnd = '.OBJ'
lowEnd = '.fbx'

#Build the final .obj path
highPath = highStart + name + highEnd

#Remove "_High" to follow the naming convention of the project
name = name.replace('_High', '')

#Build the final .fbx path
lowPath = lowStart + name + lowEnd

#Get the input file node for .obj input
fileNode = hou.node("../file2")
#Get the rop_fbx node for .fbx eport
fbxNode = hou.node("../rop_fbx1")

#Set the "file" paramater to final path
#Set the "sououtput" paramater to final path

#Test strings
#print highName
#print lowName

Getting a Geometry File using a Python string 2018年5月22日6:32

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to get a file run some operations and then save a new file using Python to set file paths, but I can't for the life of me get it to work.

Basic Python to build the file path:
name = 'SM_Floor_3x3_01_High'

highStart = 'S:/Jona_Marklund/_P3/Sculpts/'
lowStart = '"S:/Jona_Marklund/_P3/Low/'

highEnd = '.OBJ'
lowEnd = '.fbx'

highName = highStart + name + highEnd

name = name.replace('_High', '')

lowName = lowStart + name + lowEnd

print highName
print lowName

So, I want to push “highName” into file2's Geometry File field and load that file.

And push “lowName” into rop_fbx1's Output File field and be able to Save to Disk.

Would love to get some input on how I could do this.

Best Regards

Instanced geometry doesn't have collisions in UE 2017年12月30日11:48

Hi Tomasz,

I just did a quick test with and without a Pack SOP, the result is the same in both instances, it doesn't work as intended unless a specific step is taken.

I've attached an image to how I was able to work around the issue.

Inside of the Blue lines is my SM_Slab01 a LODed asset with collision placed into the Object Merge SOP input.

Inside of the Green lines is the mesh that Houdini Engine for some reason creates from my input, it lacks proper normals, LOD-steps and collision.

Inside of the Yellow lines I've simply dragged and dropped my SM_Slab01 onto the Houdini Engine generated mesh and now everything including collision works.

Hope that it works for you too!

UE 4.18.2 (tested on 17.X)
Houdini 16.5.324 (tested on a few older versions as well)