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Houdini render volume with depth 2020年3月18日9:34

Zdepth makes no sense for semi transparent renders.. you will need to render out a deep camera map pass. []

Packed Disk Sequence Questions 2019年2月22日4:12

So im building my own code to handle subframes and the index. All is going well but seems the python code errors:

prim.setIntrinsicValue("filenames", files) // where files is a tuple of string filenames

returning this error:

return _hou.Prim_setIntrinsicValue(*args)
OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed.
Invalid number of elements for this intrinsic

Using setattrib in Vex is a workaround, but seems like this is a bug in python?

Packed Disk Sequence Questions 2019年2月19日11:41

So how does PDS deal with subframe caches on disk?
Think of a bat that beats its wings about 17 times a second. I would want to cache the file in 1/8 frame increments. Can PDS deal with this? At the moment it only seems to want to pull in the $F file name, not any of the subframes saved using $FF in the file name.