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Documentation 2017年2月6日13:11


Do you have access to Houdini 16? If, so, docs for the UE4 plug-in can be found on the Documentation page..
If not, the 16.0 docs we'll be available to everyone in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, feel free to ask us questions here on the forum..

Hey, it looks like I have Houdini 15.5 after purchasing Houdini Indie. I'm guessing Houdini 16 isn't exactly available yet, but will be soon. Is there any time frame?

Documentation 2017年2月4日17:01

Is there any documentation for working with Houdini Assets in Unreal?

I'm finding it hard to get information on targeting Unreal Materials with unreal_face_material and a few other things that people seem to already have some understanding of.

[Resolved] Assigning materials 2017年2月4日16:41

Mike K
What's the process for assigning a UE4 material to an HDA? I've tried creating a primitive attribute called “unreal_face_material” and have it assigned to the names of my UE4 materials as shown in the editor. I do get the multiple material groups on my static mesh, but they are always set to the default material.

How exactly did you go about doing this? I put down an attribute rename in my geometry node but I dont know what to put in the FROM section to target the material name I want to switch for Unreal Cooking….