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Kai Stavginski has been a Senior Technical Director for SideFX Software since 2014. In that time, he's mostly been busy in the areas of shading and fur tools. He started in the industry as a generalist in 2004, spent some time as a rigger for an animated feature and then created VFX for major Hollywood blockbusters for several years. He used Houdini to get the job done and now uses his extensive industry experience in his development work on the software itself.


My Talks

obj-image FMX
Shading in Houdini 16
obj-image FMX
Fur in Houdini 16
obj-image Character FX Talks
Hair and Fur Grooming in H17

My Tutorials

obj-image Masterclass
Houdini 16.5 Masterclass | Fur & Hair Grooming Toolset
obj-image Masterclass
New Shading Features | H16 Masterclass
obj-image Masterclass
Houdini 16 Masterclass | Custom Shading
obj-image Masterclass
Hair and Fur Masterclass

Recent Forum Posts

Importing `houdini.env` into the shell 2020年8月13日7:50

You can set variables from a bash script if you just source it. But the houdini.env file doesn't exactly contain shell commands.

In bash you could do something like this:

$(cat houdini.env | grep -v "#" | grep "=" | xargs -L1 echo export)

grep -v “#” just filters out comment lines
grep “=” filters for lines actually containing an assigment

xargs -L1 echo export just prints each line with “export” prepended.

So you get output like


Wrapping the whole command in $() will execute the whole thing as a shell command.

Bash also requires that there's no space around the =. Just make sure of that in your file, I didn't take care of that in the one-liner.

How can I retrieve the length of a curve? 2020年8月13日7:33

The easiest way would be the Measure SOP set to “Perimeter”.

Houdini clumping bugs and how to solve them 2020年8月11日12:50

Hi Fabio,

thanks for sending more details, that's very useful. I also see an influx of experienced artists now and more and more studios picking up the tools, which is great.

Good to hear you were able to get good performance with VEX as well.

I might start with a normal direction threshold as well. After all we already have that in Hair Generate! I also found that our geodesic distance methods aren't quite ready for this use case, hopefully we can take that a bit further in the not too distance future.