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PublicAPI: How to use existing AHouAssetActor for APIWrapper 2022年11月17日16:44

For anyone else struggling like me to translate this to python. Here is a solution:

api = unreal.HoudiniPublicAPIAssetWrapper
_g_wrapper = api.create_wrapper(None,MyHoudiniAssetActor)

Instancer custom data 2021年11月2日7:25

Oh dear, forget about it. I was on 18.5.499 all the time. Sorry for being stupid, and thanks again for the help

Instancer custom data 2021年11月2日7:22

Thanks again for the effort! I'm starting to feel stupid but I still can't get this to work. I apply my material to the "static mesh (instanced)" output of my instancer, correct? I had to rebuild your hda because engine won't allow me to import indie assets with a fx license. Can you try if the attached asset works for you?