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How to create a surface around a hole 2019年3月22日12:22

I would select all the points you want to have a the same height, and then use an “edit” with 0 in the y-scale.

Yes, it's actually much simpler than what I wanted to do. Still a little surprised that there is no obvious way to recreate the missing geometry though.

Thanks for the answer!

How to create a surface around a hole 2019年3月20日5:59

Hello !

I am trying to model a very basic traffic cone. So I used a tube for the cone with a PolyExtrude, then a clip to make sure the bottom is perfectly flat. It leaves me with hollow sides at the bottom:

To close the geometry I first tried a PolyFill, but the node does not create faces between the outer and the inner circle. Instead it treats them independently and it results in 2 sets of circular primitives overlapping:

The closest I got to what I want is with the PolyLoft node. By specifying the outer circle and the inner one as 2 different sets of points. But for some reason there are some strange artefacts occurring, and I can't get rid of them.

Now I could solve the problem by hand with a TopoBuild node but it's not really ideal since I lose the whole procedural aspect.

What would be the best way to recreate the missing geometry and close the polygon in this case ?

ps: the file ->
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