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Q about creating color (not Cd!) attribute via wrangle 2020年6月27日11:24

Haa Ty Sir!


Q about creating color (not Cd!) attribute via wrangle 2020年6月27日7:12

Hi, title says it all: how can i create ‘true’ color atttribute, i.e. 3 float array with Color..subttype?

When i say ‘true’ color, i mean that when i look geometry spreadsheet, the coloum headers display r, g and b - e.g 'color', 'color' and 'color'.

If I try to do it like this, via wrangle:

v@color = { 1, 0, 0 };

Headers display ''color', 'color' and 'color', but if I do it via Attribute create, and set type to float and Color and size to 3..then headers display r,g and b.


Q about Copy to points and orient attribute 2020年6月19日13:28

Hi Tomas, i guess i kinda was expecting it to place it into template (= grrid) points in both cases. But if this is the way, it just means that when using Copy to points, my source geometry needs to be always in origin. Or, i need to store the sorce geo offset and apply it after Copy to points.