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Camera effects on the lens in Karma 2022年10月20日9:29


I was wondering how one would go about adding shader effects to the camera in karma and XPU?

For instance how would you do raindrops on the lens type of effect like this? []

I know I can add a physical shader to the camera i LOPs, but would it be possible to use a texture to distort the lens?

Are there any tutorials on this?

Nvidia rtx 4090 driver issues? 2022年10月18日15:57

Hmm, this appears to be a different crash somewhere deep within the new NVIDIA OpenCL compiler. I can reproduce it and will investigate.

Edit: Turns out this was indeed a bug in the new NVIDIA OpenCL compiler, but we were able to find a workaround. Tomorrow's builds of 19.5.408, 19.0.775, and 18.5.1098 should no longer crash. Hopefully this is the last issue with the new driver and compiler!

Awesome, thank you guys. Fingers crossed!

Nvidia rtx 4090 driver issues? 2022年10月18日11:23

Just tested out the latest build on windows 10 (19.5.407) and I can confirm simulating vellum using the "vellumConfigueCloth" now works on rtx 4090 with the 522.25 driver (thank you SideFX staff!). However using the "vellumConfigueHair" still cause Houdini to crash on my end. The string constraint type works, but hair constraint type doesn't.

Anyone care to recreate my steps and see if Houdini crashes on your end?

My steps:
1. Create a line.
2. Create a vellumConfigureHair.
3. Create a vellumSolver.
4. Play.
5. Crash.