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MOPs: Motion Operators for Houdini 2019年10月30日2:34

Sure, this can be done pretty easily. I'm attaching an example file for you. The quick way to convert objects to packed primitives here is to use MOPs Convert, but you can also do it manually if you'd like via Connectivity, Pack, and a couple other nodes. I'm demonstrating both methods. Once everything's packed, I'm just setting up pivot points for animation and then animating a falloff to un-shrink each piece in Y over time. Let me know if you have any questions!

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But I am glad you pointed me to the right node: “MOPs Convert”. Was looking in the Generator's tab instead. The MOPs Convert does exactly what I asked!
Thank you very much

Will sidefx consider a realtime renderer? 2019年10月29日12:10

Hi guys, having used the opengl rendering with some comp work have given me some really beautifully unexpectedly results. With Karma coming up and Unity parading its HDRPL and LWRPL, is sidefx looking into realtime renderer or say an upgrade of the opengl renderer?

MOPs: Motion Operators for Houdini 2019年10月29日11:50

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do here, but any packed primitives generated or modified by MOPs are just plain packed primitives. Anything that works on points or packed primitives will work with MOPs. If you're stuck on something specific, feel free to ask here or email me at

Assuming there is a table model with components(top and four legs). How do you use MOPs operators to control or animate the individual components. A mops instancer will take in the model and distribute it in a grid, linear, honeycomb etc. The MOPs explode is the only node which nearly does what I am implying however that only works on the polygon faces of the input object. Is there any way to work on individual components of a model with its own distributed or modeled structure. For eg. a Transform, Delay and Spring MOPs could be used to transition in the various components of the table.

I hope this is clear enough.