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Work Items dependencies 2020年5月25日3:42

Hi folks,
i have a Python Processor with 5 work items and i would like to create a dependencies based on a attribute WorkItemID that increase for each work item.
How can i create dependency to cook those work items exactly in the order that i want and not in parallel ?
Thanks in advance

work_items and ROP USD 2020年5月21日4:18

Hi folks, 
i have a python processor that contains 5 work_item, in each of them i have two variable string lopPath, that point to a geo that i want to be saved in USD, and usdPath that contain my path where i want to save.
Wired to my python processor there's a ROP USD node, how can access to the data that i have in my each work_item from the ROP_USD node and use lopPath ad usdPath stored previosly ?

​​​​​​​Thanks in advance

Solved, actually just use `@usdPath` and `@lopPath` in the two fields in the ROP

TOPs in Houdini Engine for Maya 2020年4月3日6:02

Hi everyone,
i don't know if someone recently asked already, but my question it's simple:
Is TOP supported in Houdini Engine in Maya, because it doesn't seems
Thanks in advance