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what has your experience with solaris/karma been? 2024年4月27日13:56

Can't agree more with the many points mentioned here.
Animation in Solaris is a nightmare, even when all I need is a very basic camera rig it can be way too involved to be useful.
And not being allowed to look through the stage camera in a SOP edit node(I do realize they belong to different contexts) is such a bummer and makes creative workflow as most inefficient as possible, if no more complicated roundabout way is further involved.
And no viewport position handler in a null node just like /obj is another no-go.
And the scene interpretation happening each time I jump between the Solaris and SOP context slows down the viewport.
Karma is great but I pretty much gave it up due to lots of pain and lessons learned in the bitter way mentioned above.
Solaris might be insanely powerful if you get 5 different departments in charge of different aspects of the same scene but it's really no fun for solo artists who need to finish everything by themselves in one hip file.

Day 5 | FOOD | Pastry 2020年11月5日11:52

Donut Alphabets!(or in any shape)

Day 1 | FOOD | Cookie 2020年10月31日21:48

It didn't say that I can't submit old works right? Maybe I'm cheating but hey this is my old cookie!
video [www.instagram.com]