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Labs Maps Baker/Simple Baker how to set UV channel? 2023年10月19日8:36


I have a trivial task. I need to UV and normal bake a bunch of game assets where the first uv channel has overlapping UV map for tiling textures and second UV channel is a non overlapping UV map for baking normal map and scratch/grime masks.

I can't figure out how to set which UV channel the Labs Maps Baker or Simple Baker use to bake into. I must be blind but I can't find any setting for it. Where is it?

How to save default Field of View value? 2023年10月19日6:59


how do I save the default Field of View value in display options?

When I click Save As Default, the FoV value still only persists when creating new file (File>New) but does not survive Houdini restart.

Other things such as for example Guide setting seem to persist after Houdini restart, but this one doesn't even when I explicitly click Save As Default.

How to bind Frame Selected and Frame All outside View mode? 2023年8月10日4:45

That's a fair point. The best you can do is to file an RFE (request for enhancement) to SESI. They are generally good at implementing new ideas. I am used to implementing a ton of custom actions and tools so it becomes more crucial for newer users to raise their concerns.

I had opposite experience. I remember being puzzled that there's no viewport FOV slider out of the box in Houdini. Someone posted a shelf script to add it (once again, essential functionality has to be scripted). The issue was that the FOV would be reset to hardcoded one every time you used the frame selected operation. I reported it as RFE. I got a reply couple of weeks later it was fixed, but it was a lie, they never fixed it. Since that experience, I never bothered again.

As for the script, I was aware the workaround exists. I used a similar, albeit a simpler one:
under_cursor = hou.ui.paneTabUnderCursor()

But I created this thread because I got frustrated I am just using some random hotkey-mapped button I added to some UI shelf (which is an odd location for tools to be actually defined, not just displayed). So I decided I want to learn how context based hotkeys work. But what I learned is that they are simply hardcoded :/

I am curious - the script you posted has actual python function definition in it. Is it also meant to be just a shelf tool, or is it a full fledged script which goes somewhere else (in some folder?).