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Houdini unable to unwrap procedural cliff mesh 2021年7月11日5:37

thats strange as from the same file I get this result, it maybe the remesh is producing a different mesh on my machine, I'm not sure.
The first pic is my result from the last file. The second image is from a 2nd attempt, this time using instant meshes to get a more low poly result(around 45,000)that unwraps a bit quicker, around 45seconds(same setup you have but with a Threadripper 2990)
you would need to install instant meshes for this new Hip file. []

How do you figure these things? I'd say with Houdini the real benefit is drilling down into what its actually doing, and what it needs to do it, in this case the mesh slice is a simple 1 node way to split the model up(providing additional border seams) then providing a primitive attribute for each slice that lets you stick it in the loop, and then you can put it into single pass mode(in the foreach_end node) that allows you view each iteration, just comes over time I guess as you encounter a problem, drill down into a solution and hopefully gain a bit more insight that helps with other aspects also.

Thanks a lot. I tinkered with it some more and finally found something that somewhat works. The processing time is still on the border of acceptable, but it will have to do.

The instant meshes solution is not really acceptable as it removes too much geometric detail which I need to preserve. It goes into a game engine, but it must not be a game looking mesh. It's meant for high end realtime VFX.

Houdini unable to unwrap procedural cliff mesh 2021年7月9日9:25

This almost gets there, looks to be just the one small area of overlap, could play with the auto seams parms..

Hi, thanks a lot!

Unfortunately, not sure if I did something wrong, but just opening your file and letting it cook, I got quite giant overlap:

Also, I don't think I have obsolete hardware (Ryzen 9 3900X, RTX2080Ti and 64GB RAM) but still it took almost 3 minutes to process, which is not the worst but not great either. I was hoping there would be some faster way of doing it.

Anyway, the slowness I can live with, but the overlaps are still an issue.

Just out of curiosity, is that mesh slice some sort of common workflow for unwrapping larger stuff? Or is it something you came up with right in the moment. My general problem is that if I am a new Houdini user, how do I figure out these things out? I mean I definitely assume some advanced experience will be required for advanced tasks, but I would not expect basic tasks such as generating non overlapping UVs for mid-poly models to require advanced knowledge.

Houdini unable to unwrap procedural cliff mesh 2021年7月7日13:55

If you change the AutoUV method from Autoseam to Unwrap that should take care of the overlaps.
I mentioned already in my first post that I tried that. I tried all 4 methods in the Labs AutoUV node. The first two run out of my 64GB of memory after about 5-10 minutes of processing, UV unwrap takes ages to pack the UVs, and UV autoseam is the one I took the overlapping islands screenshot of.