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AMD ProRender + Pyro ? 2020年12月26日13:27


Has anyone successfully setup a pyro render with ProRender 2.0 ? I have tried new and old workflows and new Sparse, but in both cases I end up with something that look mostly white. I can see hints of yellow flame colors here and there, but mostly white.
I've tried Houdinis old pyro shader and new pyro shader, and RPR Volume shader, nothing seems to make any difference. (also yes I put it in legacy mode or I didnt get any volumes at all).

I know the AMD guys are looking here in the forum, so if you see this and it's not broken, would it be possible for you guys to do a small guide or tutorial ?

Launcher does not work 2020年11月7日10:43

Yeah same here, this is getting to be real bad. I have several istallations I cant get rid off, they remain in windows add/remove and when I try to uninstall them the SideFX launch intercepts and gets stuck on Waiting for 0 other actions

HDA for team not working 2019年11月27日5:10

Yeah team people using your HDAs in UE4 need a ‘houdini engine’ license.